2015 Teacher on the Trail Erin Montgomery’s Most Memorable Moments

One of the most asked questions I get about being out on the trail is, “What is your most memorable moment?” This question is very challenging for me to answer. There are just too many memories to share. The one thing I love to tell people about Iditarod is the relationships that are formed. I admire the relationships I saw between the mushers and their dogs. The bond that is formed between mushers and their dogs is just incredible.

The other relationship that was fascinating to see was the relationship between mushers and fans. It is quite inspiring to see the mushers interact with their fans while in the middle of the race of a lifetime. In no other sport do you see the athletes take time out of their “game” to interact with, talk with, or sign autographs with their fans. These fans wait an entire year to see their favorite musher come through their village. Iditarod mushers understand how important fans are to the race.

My favorite is the relationships I was able to develop. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I was given with Iditarod.