Hi Boys and Girls,

What an exciting day.  4th Avenue is full of snow, the dog trucks will be arriving soon and setting up for the day, the iditariders are beyond excited for the opportunity to ride in their favorite mushers sled and fans are waking up and looking forward to an exciting ceremonial start of the Iditarod.  I hope all of you are as excited as I am. Do you have your musher picked?  Are you ready to follow the race?  I will be keeping you updated everyday so be sure to check my posts to find out what’s happening out on the trail.

 I want to talk to you about the daily updates I will be posting.  I will post two updates daily starting on Monday.  This is what the updates will look like and what information you will be able to find.  I will also post 1-2 pictures per day that Jeff Schultz will be taking while he’s out on the trail. 

 DATE: March 2,2013

 TIME: 5:41 am Alaska time (there will be a post to show you how to figure out what time it is where you live.

 Answer to Yesterday’s Question: . I will ask you a daily question and this is where I will put the answer.

 LEADERS: Here I will list the top 5 leaders

 RED LANTERN POSITION:  Here I will post who is in the red lantern postion and the 5 mushers who are at the back of the pack.

 WHERE ARE THE MUSHERS: I will list the checkpoints where all the mushers are.

 WEATHER:   I will try to find the weather at the checkpoints the mushers are at or around and will post it. Remember the weather may be great at one checkpoint but there could be a blizzard going on at another.

 SCRATCHED: Hopefully I won’t have to list too many teams here.

 QUESTION OF THE DAY: Here is where I will post a question of the day for you to research and find the answer to.

 I will add and delete things as the race progresses.  As for now- LET THE RACE BEGIN! 

 Happy Trails,