Operations and Algebraic Thinking PLUS Number and Operations – Fractions, Grades 4 – 6

drop bags 2014

Drop Bags

Iditarod Musher Jodi Bailey wrote a post in her kennel’s blog about the numbers in her drop bags for Iditarod. Drop bags are what mushers pack in advance of the race and send out to the race checkpoints so they have a supply of gear, dog food, and people food during the race. This post on Dew Claw Kennel’s site gives teachers real numbers for students to work with, showing them how math is used in real life. Jodi also writes about numbers having meanings, just as words have meanings for reading. That’s what teachers strive to teach their students, that numbers and words have meaning. They are not just numerals or words.

In this post, look for information for grades 4-6  to teach math skills which give meaning to numbers. The Common Core Standards addressed are stated for each grade level.

By the way, use the other numbers in Jodi’s post, too, This post should jump start your math sled!

Jodi’s post       

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