Sanka’s Weekly Challenge – Start Times

Sanka W. Dog

There are 53 teams registered to run Iditarod XLVII.  The Ceremonial start will be on March 2, 2019 in downtown Anchorage. The honorary musher will wear Bib 1.  The competing mushers will wear bibs 2 thru 54. Bib 1 will leave the starting line at exactly 10:00.  Teams will follow at two-minute intervals.  What time will the musher wearing bib 2 take off?  What time will the musher wearing bib 54 take off?  Come back next Monday for the answer and a new challenge.

Pam Redington, representing Joey Redington, was the honorary musher for 2018.  The Honorary Musher is riding with the newly crowned JR Iditarod Champion, Bailey Schaeffer. They are ready to leave the start at 10:00 AM.