Zoom Lens: Checkpoint Routine

What do you see happening in this photo of Monica Zappa’s Team

Monica parked her dog team in front of the McGrath Checkpoint. This picture shows a great deal of action and all that has been accomplished in the short time Zappa, Blue Steel and the rest of the team have been parked. What do you see?

The vet (wearing orange pants) is making notes in Monica’s vet book. He and another vet who’s talking with Monica have examined all the dogs. They’ve followed the HAW&L acronym – heart, hydration, attitude, appetite, weight & lungs. The vets will also check legs, feet, wrists and shoulders.

Zappa has spread straw and the dogs have been circling around to create their own personal sleeping spot. The black and white dog standing in front of the sled has taken its own booties off. That’s a handy thing when you’re stopping for a rest but not such a handy thing if you’re just stopping for a snack.

Monica has set bowls out and is now dishing out a meat and broth concoction. The bowls Monica carries are sturdy and light. They are durable enough to withstand the cold. If food freezes in the bowls, it can be popped out enjoyed like a popsicle.

Once the meaty broth is dished out, Monica will take booties off. She’ll massage feet, legs and shoulders. The paw cream will be as welcome to Monica’s weathered hands as it is to the pads of the dog’s feet.