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Jodi Bailey In Chatanika

Jodi Bailey is at home in Chatanika which is outside of Fairbanks.  She and her husband Dan Kaduce have built their kennel here and many of their team members spent the summer on Alaska’s glaciers taking tourists on tours. Jodi is hoping that it’s going to help in their training for the Iditarod.  It might …

Cody Straithe Sets His Sights On Nome

He’s a veteran of the Yukon Quest, a sled maker, and a wilderness lover.  Cody Straithe is in Eureka training on the very same trails that helped musher like Rick Swenson and Susan Butcher become legends in the sport.  He and Paige Drobny are spending their winter here preparing their teams for another competitive seasons.

Insider Features Cody Strathe and Jodi Bailey

Cody Strathe is in for a distance double of 1,000-mile sled dog races for 2016. He’ll make his first run to Nome in Iditarod XLIV a couple of short weeks after he competes in the 2016 Yukon Quest. Cody won’t be the only Squid Acres musher to make the distance double, Strathe’s wife and kennel …

Insider Features Anna Berington and Alan Eischens

Anna Berington came to Alaska to get into sled dogs. However it was long before moving to the Last Frontier that Anna became familiar with mushing. Anna and twin sister Kristy built their first dog sled using a pair of downhill skies and a milk crate. Their first pulling dogs were a Border Collie and …

Anna Is At Home In Knik

The Berington sisters have moved their hopes and dreams of an Iditarod win to Knik, AK. Anna Berington, now a veteran of the race loves this area rich in Iditarod history training on the same trails as the legend who started this race, Joe Redington Sr.

Al Eischens “EYES” Another Iditarod Finish

He made it to Nome earning his belt buckle a year ago.  By the way things look at his kennel in Wasilla, AK it may the first of many trips to Nome for Al Eischens.

Insider features Rookies Bacon and Helwig

Kristen Bacon came to Iditarod volunteering as one of the Skwentna Sweeties. She was introduced to Ryan Redington out at Skwentna during the 2011 race. A few weeks later, she acquired her first sled dog(s), a female named Libby and her eight pups. The friend who introduced her to Redington is of Japanese descent so …

Fryin’ Up The Bacon in Big Lake

Kristen Bacon is preparing for her first Iditarod this March.  It’s been a few years in the making and it appears she has teammates with great genetics and who are eager to get to Nome.

The Trials of the Trail Have Begun for Mary Helwig

At her home in Willow, Mary Helwig is both rebuilding her life and preparing for her first Iditarod Sled Dog Race.  A wildfire destroyed her house and property this summer.  The only things that avoided the fire were her greenhouse and her dog sled. Mary’s trials of the trail have already begun.

Friction and Sleds

Educators looking for Iditarod science, this article explores friction, dog sleds, sled runners, maximizing a dog team’s energy, and contains two experiments with friction. Get background information on sled building from a Native Alaskan resource.Determine constants and variables and practice scientific writing and summaries.