We are the Iditarod

Donate to the Iditarod

Fifty years of grit and determination by people like you has made “The Last Great Race on Earth” possible. You can preserve the Iditarod Heritage for future generations and ensure the race continues to benefit the health and happiness of dogs around the world, delivers creative educational programs from Kindergarten through college, and honor the history and culture of Alaska through investments in: 

  • Dog health and care, where The Iditarod provides a platform for international research on dog health, nutrition and safety, leading to discoveries that improve the lives of all dogs.

  • Creative Educational Programs from Kindergarten to College, where the race is a unique outdoor classroom for thousands of students. The Iditarod.edu program delivers standards-aligned content instruction in math, social studies, language arts, science, health and fitness, technology, arts and character education.

  • Protecting Alaska’s Heritage by supporting the conservation of Alaskan history, culture and places through education, training and skills development, and heritage planning. The program builds links between our community pride, tourism, and economic development.

We are the Iditarod, a campaign that preserves yesterday, and protects tomorrow, today. There are many ways to support the race: