Dashboard Help

We hope you’re enjoying the new Race Dashboard! Below are some tips and feature details on how it works. Also below are links to our HELP and FAQ pages, which have a lot of useful information to help you learn how features work and troubleshoot.

ALL sections auto refresh every 10 minutes. Please do not manually refresh the page.

Sections include Live Stream Video (all feed tabs), Widget Side Bar (announcements, favorites & standings), Chat & GPS sections. If something is clearly not working for more than 15 minutes, feel free to refresh the page.


You can find the dashboard by clicking on the “Live Stream + GPS “link in the main menu or by going here https://iditarod.com/dashboard/

The new Dashboard adds new features like video tabs and incorporates the trusted and true features of race standings, musher favorites, and GPS all in one spot. We also have an announcement area where we’ll make race and live stream updates when possible.

Click the image below to view what each of the new features are.


The tabs at the top of the video player allow you to switch between live feeds. If you see a green dot next to the feed name, then this means the video stream is live. if you see a red dot it means this video feed is offline and white means it is done or scheduled.

These tabs are auto updated every 10 minutes, so there’s no need to refresh to see the updates.

Also an a message may overlay the player with the stream status or other details.

This error happens from time to time because the video links on the page will expire.

Wait for 10 minutes for the video auto refresh to happen and if you don’t see it within 15 minutes simply refresh the browser and continue watching the videos.

You need the latest version of your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari)

Video is also available on mobile devices like iPad, Android, iPhone, etc  that supports HTML 5 browsers like Safari, Google Chrome. See below for full support

Desktop browsers

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

Mobile devices

  • Latest OS on iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Tablets

All Insider subscription can watch all on-demand and live stream videos posted to the website.

To view the latest on-demand videos please go here and to see the live stream please go here.


Live Chat is for race fans age 1-120! Children and adults use the chat as a place to chat and learn about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race®. Remember the following:

  1. Be Nice! Be Respectful! “Play Fair!” Remember the ‘Golden Rule’. We are all human beings with differing opinions. Do NOT make personal attacks or be disrespectful. If you see a post that violates this rule, direct message Insider or Iditarod by clicking on their name in the left column and sending a private message or submit a support ticket here.
  2. Choose words carefully! No naughty words! All discussion should be polite and respectful. Schools in Alaska and throughout the world can be logged in at anytime, so let’s keep it fun, clean, and kid-friendly.
  3. This is for Iditarod Insiders. If you are not in favor of mushing as a sport or you don’t support Iditarod, mushing, or dog sledding activities, this is not for you.
  4. If you’re asked to drop a topic, stop private messaging fans or are warned by one of the moderators or administrators about your behavior please stop. Posters that abuse the chat guidelines will be banned without warning.
  5. Make use of the moderators and administrators. They are here to assist you if you have any problems or have any questions. You can contact them by direct messaging Insider or Iditarod by clicking on their name in the left column and sending a private message
  6. Have fun being part of this Iditarod community!!

Sometimes you need to refresh the page and enter into the room again. Please follow these insrtuctions

  1. Refresh/reload the Live page at https://iditarod.com/dashboard
  2. Click the [Join Live Chat] button
  3. Enter your nickname
  4. Click the [Login] button

If you click on the member’s name there is a window that pops up. You can then click the gear icon and select ignore.

If you are using a privacy app like DuckDuck Go, privacy browser extensions or privacy mobile apps it may affect chat and block it from loading.

Try turning off privacy blocking or disabling the app to see if this fixes the issue.

Race Standing, Favorites and Announcements

Below are the Race Standings columns and what they mean.

  • Pos – Position in race
  • Musher – musher’s name
  • Bib – starting race position
  • Checkpoint – latest checkpoint the checked into
  • InTime – time they checked into the checkpoint
  • In Dogs – number of dogs they checked in with
  • Out Time – time they checked out of the checkpoint
  • Out Dogs- number of dogs they checked out with
  • Rest In Chkpt – how long they stayed in the checkpoint
  • Time Enroute – time elapsed between checkpoint
  • Previous Checkpoint – last checkpoint
  • Previous Time Out – time they checked out
  • Previous Speed(mph) – speed into last checkpoint
  • Layover Completed 8hr – completed 8hr layover
  • Layover Completed 24hr – completed 24hr layover
  • Status – withdraw, scratch, active etc
  • Insights – historical race data

Please make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser. Here are some good directions: http://support.google.com/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=23852
What you are experiencing is very isolated, this is the only thing we think could be disabling that link.

You should be able to access the site anytime. If you are still having trouble from your school or work computer you may have a firewall or other security settings that are blocking your access. You should check with your IT Administrator to see if Iditarod.com is being blocked.


When mushers are either taking their mandatory 8hr or 24hr stops or if they stop on the trail or checkpoint to rest the team the GPS will stop for some time. GPS is monitored by the tech team so typically it’s not an issue with GPS its the musher is resting.

Also, you can also hold the [SHIFT] button down on your keyboard and click the refresh/reload button on your browser to see if that helps to update the map.

For more information please go to http://iditarod.com/gps/

GPS Tracker goes online when the Restart on Sunday begins.