Account Lockdown Instructions

We now offer additional controls that allow you to share access with students without revealing sensitive information about your account. Learn about the details and activation below.

Activate Lockdown

To opt-in and activate the Account Lockdown feature:

  • Please go to
  • Enter a secure password (twice), preferably one that isn’t easily guessed by students and other people that may access your account
  • Click the [Opt-in] button.
 Once activated, a password will be required to view and interact with the following features on the site.
  • View or edit your profile/contact information on this account
  • View purchase history, payment information, or make new purchases
  • Post to the forums
  • Change your main password

Disable Lockdown

If you would like to disable Lockdown to view the My Account page, make a purchase or post in the forum

Re-enable Lockdown & Change Account Lockdown Password

To Re-enable or change password:

  • Go to the My Account page
  • Click the “Activate Account Lockdown” link under Profile to go to the Account Lockdown page
  • Click the [Re-lock] button to lockdown the account again
  • To change the password enter your current password and new password (twice)
  • Click the [Change Password] button

If you would like to permanently disable this feature please submit a support ticket