Arctic Fire and Security

Arctic Fire and Security is an Anchorage based company with almost 2 decades of experience equipping hospitals, schools, city buildings, and more with security and alarm systems. The Iditarod Trail Committee began securing the services of these ingenious technicians to provide monitoring equipment for the Iditarod canine athletes in dog lots along the race route. True problem solvers and innovators, Don Summerhays, (senior director of operations), and Brandon Keel, (director of operations) have refined and redesigned what worked last year on the trail to be stronger and more efficient with state of the art technology.

Two mobile units, weighing about 125 lbs. each will leapfrog up the trail. Multiple cameras will be set up around checkpoints to collect and store data from different viewpoints. The cameras will work from, and report to, a central equipment box set up with switches and Ethernet ports, able to conduct power as well as store video. That video will also be accessible to authorized mobile devices for continued observation. Even more impressive is that these units can be set up and broken down in around 30 minutes. That’s important when the call to get on an aircraft and move up the trail comes in!

Lifelong Alaskans, Don and Brandon are enthusiastic and proud about being a part of the Iditarod, “It’s a one of a kind opportunity”, says Brandon.

While they are based in Anchorage, they have clients all over the state, literally from Anchorage to Nome. Their equipment has already been “Iditarod tested” and it is definitely “Iditarod tough”.

The best care and safety for dogs and mushers are the priorities of the ITC. To this end, GPS trackers, trained volunteers, and security measures work together to protect both the dogs and the mushers.