November 20, 2017

Eye on the Trail: High and Delcourt into Nome

Justin High Finishes his Rookie Run

Rookie Justin High came down Front Street wearing a brightly colored parka and a big smile on his face. There could be many reasons for the smile – he finished the Last Great Race™, he earned the coveted belt buckle but perhaps the biggest reason was that his wife Jamiee and 1-year-old daughter were standing under the arch to great him. Justin began his quest to run Iditarod in 2012 but there were set backs – finances, fires and rebuilding the family dwelling that put his dream on hold until now. Congratulations Justin, you’re in Nome!  Justin’s wife Jamiee earned her Iditarod Finisher’s Belt Buckle in 2012. Justin earned 51st place with a time of 11 days and 14 minutes.  

The Highs operate High’s Adventure Gear. They manufacture attire for dogs, sleds and humans. Pretty much anything that anybody wants, Jamiee and Justin can design and put together. Their human gear is easily distinguished by the colors and silhouette. Who better to design musher clothing than mushers themselves.

Dave Delcourt at the Burled Arch

Dave Delcourt shared space under the Burled Arch with Justin High. The mushers arrived on Front Street four minutes apart. Delcourt claimed 50th place with a team of Ray Redington Jr. puppies. When offered the opportunity to take the Redington youngsters to Nome, Dave jumped at the chance. Delcourt spent his early years of mushing as a tour guide. He was soon ready to get into traveling long distances with dogs and that’s when Robert Redington connected Delcourt with his brother Ray.

Dave doesn’t know what’s in store for him with mushing after this Iditarod but he’s proud to have earned his belt buckle with a time of 11 days and 18 minutes. Dave says his occupations are musher, tour guide, miner and trail worker. He’s a New York native, born and raised in Queensbury.