Eye on the Trail: Julien Takes from Rohn

Rohn Roadhouse Checkpoint

There are many aspects of Iditarod that make the event quite astonishing, not the least of which is the aspect of team work.  Right now race photo-guys Julien Schroeder and Jeff Schultz are snowed in at McGrath and Rainy Pass respectively.  I’ve shared out some of Jeff’s earlier photos as Eye on the Trail: Schultz Eye View.  Julien just passed me his favorites from Rohn so am sharing those as Julien Takes. Enjoy his favorites from near Rohn.

Joar Leifseth Ulsom Checking in at the Rohn Checkpoint

Drop Bags Await Mushers at Rohn Roadhouse Checkpoint

Jessie Royer Arriving at Rohn

Ryan Redington

Forests Surround Rohn Roadhouse Checkpoint