December 15, 2018

Eye on the Trail: McGrath Photos

In McGrath things are winding down. If all goes as anticipated, the final teams well be on their way to Takotna by noon on Friday. The teams that are currently in Iditarod will be moving forward to the Yukon River. The Lakefront Anchorage sponsors the First to the Yukon Award. Chefs will be awaiting the arrival of the first musher and prepare a gourmet dinner for the musher and a guest.

Joar Leifseth Ulsom will soon complete his required 24 hours of rest in Iditarod and take to the trail. Nicolas Petit and Mitch Seavey who completed their long rest in McGrath and Takotna respectively have made it to Iditarod. Joar’s team will be fresh, very fresh. The race is on folks! Anybody in the top ten could run longer, rest shorter or run faster to catch those currently breaking trail in the race.  Strategies planned long ago are coming into play for what will be a very exciting race to the coast and then on to Nome.

Here are a few pictures of life in the McGrath checkpoint. There’s so much that goes on in the race and pictures are worth a thousand words. Enjoy and stay tuned for more stories as the final mushers depart. Looks like I’ll be moving to the coast in the morning and waiting for the teams to arrive in Unalakleet.