October 17, 2018

Eye on the Trail: Petit in Unalakleet

Ten hours and fifty-seven minutes after departing Kaltag, Nic Petit brought thirteen dogs into Unalakleet.  He was welcomed by a crowd of Gold Coast residents.  It was plenty warm and as the clouds thinned, it felt balmy.  Some of the children were in shirt sleeves as they scampered up and down the berms plowed up to protect the dogs from the usual coast winds.  

Petit put straw down and cooked a warm meal for his dogs.  Nic’s dogs watched his every move as he set their dishes out and filled each tot he brim.  Most of his dogs food to enjoy their meal.  Only a couple stayed on power saver and ate while on the straw.  As the bowls emptied, Petit brought out some frozen snacks for the dog’s dessert.  Nic went to the checkpoint for hot food and a soft bed.  Looks like Mitch Seavey will arrive next followed by Joar Leifseth Ulsom.  Following those two fellows, the rest of the leading ten will arrive in a flurry.

Nic has a strong dog team and he’s keeping them that way with adequate rest.  Those trailing him will have to make decisions about their rest schedule if they hope to gain on him in the next 261 miles to Nome.