October 17, 2018

Eye on the Trail: Petit wins Bristol Bay Corporation First Fish Award

As the first team to Kaltag, Nicolas Petit received the Bristol Bay Corporation First Fish Award.  Petit arrived in Kaltag at 19:45 behind 14 spirited dogs.  Insider Commentator Bruce Lee called the team energized and in fantastic shape, even one of the best he’s ever seen at this point of the race.  Petit parked and spread straw for his dogs.  How long he plans to stay is anybody’s guess.  Petit says he doesn’t run to a strict schedule but reads the needs of his dogs.  

Nicolas will receive a certificate for 25# of freshly caught Bristol Bay salmon and a check for $2,000.  The Bristol Bay Native Corporation will also gift Nicolas a wood-burned art piece created by BBNC shareholder artist Apayo Moore.  The award will be represented at the Awards Banquet in Nome.

Petite received awards on both ends of the Yukon River run.  In Anvik he received the Lakefront Anchorage First to the Yukon Award that included a five course dinner and $3,500 in one-dollar bills.  One hundred and forty miles of Yukon River trail later, Petit received the award from the Bristol Bay Native Corporation.  Congratulations Nic!