November 14, 2018

Eye on the Trail: Teachers at Summer Camp

Teachers at Summer Camp with Raymie and Barb Redington

Thirteen teachers are experiencing hands on professional development at its finest. Teachers from Delaware, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Alaska, Washington, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Illinois are in Alaska at Dream a Dream Dog Homestead with the goal of filling their teacher backpack with ideas and resources for using Iditarod as a theme for education. Iditarod is an incredible motivator for students giving them real life and engaging applications for every subject of the curriculum.

Conference presenters include mushers Vern Halter and Cindy Abbott, Iditarod Air Force Pilot Joe Pendergrass, Chief Veterinarian Stu Nelson, Alaska Teacher Sara Lamont, Iditarod Education Director Diane Johnson, past Teachers on the Trail™ Jen Reiter, Blynne Froke and Annie Kelley along with Eye on the Trail Journalist Terrie Hanke.

Teachers met Raymie and Barb Redington at Iditarod Headquarters. Raymie is the son of Iditarod founder, Joe Redington, Sr. Raymie and Barb run the sled dog ride concession at Iditarod Headquarters. Raymie is an Iditarod veteran and Barb is a member of the Jr. Iditarod Board of Directors. The Redingtons are pictured with the teachers in the middle of the back row.