Eye on the Trail: Telephoto Story – Look Behind You

DeeDee Jonrowe approaching Nenana

DeeDee Jonrowe, running her 35th Iditarod in 2017, is approaching the checkpoint of Nenana at about 18:35.  The sun is dropping below the trees and the shadows are getting long.  Teams have been coming into the checkpoint one right after the other.  My attention, as well as my camera have been focused on the teams coming into Nenana from the Fairbanks Restart.  After laying on my belly on the frozen Tanana River for almost an hour, I decided to stand up and relocate.  I caught DeeDee coming toward me, stood up, turned to walk back to the checkpoint and shot a couple of photos after she passed by me.  The moral of the story is  sometimes what’s behind you is as camera worthy as what’s in front of you.

Looking behind after DeeDee passes by