Eye On The Trail: Telephoto Story – Affectionate Sled Dogs

Ever Affectionate Yashinomi and Kristin Bacon

Yashinomi, a beautiful large yellow dog, running with Kristin Bacon is taking a rest in Unalakleet during Iditarod XLV.  Yashinomi is a pup from Bacon’s first litter,  the foundation of her Iditarod team.  Yashi is a very loving dog and gives kisses readily.  Smart dog to kiss the human who feeds you but Yashi seems to love everybody even the vet checking Bacon’s team.  In 2018, Tara Cicatello is running the team from Bacon’s Acres including the ever affectionate Yashi.

Yashinomi plants a kiss on the vet checking the team in Unalakleet.