Eye on the Trail: Virtual Tour of Unalakleet

We’ve changed our calculations for a time the first team might arrive here in Unalakleet to claim the Wells Fargo First to the Coast Award.  There will be plenty of time to make it to the 11:00 church services at either the Covenant Church, Holy Angels Catholic Church or the Lighthouse Baptist Church.  After some fancy math and uneducated strategizing, our best estimate is to see our first musher around supper time.  So while we wait, perhaps you’d like a virtual tour of Unalakleet.

Want to eat out?  If you’re looking for a great burger or a cup of expresso, try the Igloo.  Want a pizza or a delicious sandwich, Try Peace on Earth.  Note the fat tire bicycle parked in front of Peach on Earth.  It belongs to one of the Idita-Sport riders heading to Nome.

Need to do some shopping?  There’s the Native Corporation Store, also known as the Garage and there’s the Alaska Commercial store called the AC Store  They’re located several blocks apart making it easy to shop from either end of town.

Unalakleet is part of the Bering Strait School District.  On of the athletic teams sponsored at the high school is the Biathlon team.  The team is competing in White Mountain this weekend.  Basketball is very popular for both boys and girls.  The Sub-Regional Health Facility in Unalakleet is new and state of the art.  The cemetery is located near the airport.  The post office is on the street side of the checkpoint.  


Frank A. Degnan High School in Unalakleet



Post Office

Post Office in Unalakleet, Alaska 99684

Health Center

Sub-regional Health Facility