Musher start order set for Iditarod 49!

Due to COVID-19 mitigation protocols, the Iditarod has set the starting order for the 49th running of the Last Great Race on Earth using a digital order generator to randomly select names for the official start order, taking into account the two separate draw batches based on when mushers signed up for the race.

“This draw method was just one more way to ensure musher health and safety leading up to this year’s race,” said Race Marshal Mark Nordman. “Because the traditional mushers banquet is postponed, and other in-person, pre-race meetings are virtual this year, the mushers will not physically be in same place until the actual start at Deshka Landing. It is disappointing that the mushers will be unable to get their customary time on stage to thank their supporters, but we look forward to doing this in person in 2022.”

Mushers will be recognized and profiled during the Iditarod Pre-Race Show on Thursday, March 4, at 5 p.m. AST on

The 49th Iditarod race includes 13 women and 34 men, made up of 12 rookies and 35 veterans. Four former Iditarod champions are back in the race and four countries are represented in the field. Five competing mushers have participated in 18 or more Iditarod races.


The official 2021 Iditarod race start order is:


Bib Number

Musher Name






2 Aaron Peck M Grande Prairie AB Canada Veteran
3 Pete Kaiser M Bethel AK U.S. Veteran
4 Kristy Berington F Knik AK U.S Veteran
5 Jeremy Traska M Two Rivers AK U.S. Rookie
6 Richie Diehl M Aniak AK U.S. Veteran
7 Jeff Deeter M Fairbanks AK U.S. Veteran
8 Dennis Kananowicz M Tolsona AK U.S. Veteran
9 Ramey Smyth M Willow AK U.S. Veteran
10 Nicolas Petit M Girdwood AK U.S. Veteran
11 Gunnar Johnson M Duluth MN U.S. Veteran
12 Hal Hanson M Kenai AK U.S. Rookie
13 Anna Berington F Knik AK U.S. Veteran
14 Ryne Olson F Two Rivers AK U.S. Veteran
15 Brenda Mackey F Two Rivers AK U.S. Rookie
16 Riley Dyche M Fairbanks AK U.S. Veteran
17 Matt Hall M Two Rivers AK U.S. Veteran
18 Chad Stoddard M Anchorage AK U.S. Rookie
19 Christopher Parker M Fairbanks AK U.S. Rookie
20 Ryan Redington M Skagway AK U.S. Veteran
21 Brent Sass M Eureka AK U.S. Veteran
22 Joanna Jagow F Fairbanks AK U.S. Rookie
23 Dallas Seavey M Talkeetna AK U.S. Veteran
24 Jessie Royer F Fairbanks AK U.S. Veteran
25 Wade Marrs M Willow AK U.S. Veteran
26 Michelle Phillips F Tagish YT Canada Veteran
27 Will Troshynski M Fairbanks AK U.S. Rookie
28 Mille Porsild F     Denmark Veteran
29 Matt Failor M Willow AK U.S. Veteran
30 Joshua McNeal M Fairbanks AK U.S Rookie
31 Susannah Tuminelli F Willow AK U.S. Rookie
32 Aliy Zirkle F Two Rivers AK U.S. Veteran
33 Travis Beals M Seward AK U.S. Veteran
34 Martin Buser M Big Lake AK U.S. Veteran
35 Sean Williams M Chugiak AK U.S. Rookie
36 Aaron Burmeister M Nome/Nenana AK U.S. Veteran
37 Cody Strathe M Fairbanks AK U.S. Veteran
38 Lev Shvarts M Willow AK U.S. Veteran
39 Dakota Schlosser M Willow AK U.S. Rookie
40 Dan Kaduce M Chatanika AK U.S. Veteran
41 Joar Leifseth Ulsom M Mo i Rana   Norway Veteran
42 Paige Drobny F Cantwell AK U.S. Veteran
43 Larry Daugherty M Eagle River AK U.S. Veteran
44 Jessie Holmes M Brushkana AK U.S. Veteran
45 Rick Casillo M Talkeetna AK U.S. Veteran
46 Cindy Gallea F Wykoff MN U.S. Veteran
47 Sean Underwood M Talkeetna AK U.S. Rookie
48 Victoria Hardwick F Bethel AK U.S. Veteran



Dubbed the Iditarod Gold Trail Loop, the race route will follow a portion of the traditional Iditarod southern race route to the checkpoint of Iditarod, and then continue to the mining ghost town of Flat before looping back to the southern route in a course that is approximately 852 miles.

The race will start on Sunday, March 7, at Deshka Landing at 2 p.m. Fans of the race are encouraged to watch the start on television via the Iditarod’s broadcast partner Alaska’s News Source or free online at