Aaron Burmeister in 4th in Tanana

Aaron is bedding down his dogs. Well most of them that is, as he has a female in heat, and her boyfriend is next to her on the gang line. That sure brings some entertainment for the other team members. Aaron noted that some of his dogs picked up a bug along the way and he is contemplating to either take 8 or 24 hr layover here. ” They are not quite eating as well as I would like them to. ” As calories are important at these night time temperatures, he might have to play it a bit more conservative.

Hugh has also been busy with his team. Hugh used to live here many years ago, so he has a lot of friends in town who come over to chat with him. 

Here a few shots of Hugh and Aaron.

IMG_8976 IMG_8977 IMG_8982 IMG_8983 IMG_8987 IMG_8988 IMG_8989