Beautiful Day in Elim, Travis Beals, Ken Anderson, Wade Marrs

“Man, it looks hot and sunny out there.” is what Jeff King said after getting up from a catnap. Indeed it is. The blowhole before Moses Point was gentle, maybe 10 miles an hour from the north. I’ve seen a little worse. Jeff asked, “Sebastian I heard the seal chased after you, too. Nobody believes my story.” It sure did, and I never ran so fast…made for good laughs in the checkpoint. “Sebastian, this seal attack really influenced my ability to win.” Yeah right, Jeff. You look awfully shaken. The mood sure is great here in Elim. 


Travis Beals

 Shortly after leaving Koyuk we came upon Travis Beals camped out in a nice sunny spot. He just wanted to get away from the business of the checkpoint. He said one other musher was playing head games with him and he did not want to expose himself to that anymore.


Ken Anderson

Next up was Ken Anderson, double ski poling away. We quickly stopped, exchanged a few words and he asked us to stay off the trail. About 3 miles after we had passed him, the trails was erased from the earth again. Difficult decision. Keep up my word, or break out the trail again. Decided for staying off the trail. 


Wade Marrs

Then we met Wade Marrs. He is always happy and in a good mood. He has the run of a lifetime. His dogs reflect his attitude. We gave him the go pro camera again. Internet is too slow here to upload a video, watch out for it once we make it to White Mountain.

Happy trails, Sebastian,

Travis Beals’ pictures here:

4V1A4148 4V1A4153 4V1A4155 4V1A4156


Ken Anderson Pictures here:

4V1A4157 4V1A4174 4V1A4176 4V1A4184


And these below are all Wade Marrs

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