November 19, 2017

Finish Line Duels

Duels to the Finish Line.

MItch Seavey did not only edge out Aliy Zirkle last night. It has been a tight race for the finish line for many teams.

7th place Finisher and Rookie of the year Joar Leifseth Ulsom managed to stay ahead of Jake Berkowitz by a whole 16 seconds. Apparently at some point during the run from Safety Jake had taken the lead, but got re-passed about 2 miles before Nome.

The Smyth brothers are known for fast and furious finishes. They often have the fastest Safety to Nome times, this year no exception, so far Ramey has that distinction for the Top 20 finishers, coming in exactly in 20th place. Despite having only 7 dogs, he passed John Baker on the last 22 miles and got pretty close to Lance Mackey.

While Cim Smyth outran Kasilof´s Paul Gebhard for 15th place by a bit  more than a minute, Lance Mackey barely managed to hang on to his 19th place finish, being chased by Ramey. Both of them took a few detours into crowds and around vehicles coming up front Street.

I have been getting messages about why I am not going back out on the trail. Sorry folks, but I delivered the snowmachine this morning to Northern Air Cargo to be flown back to Anchorage. Its now ….. or wait for more than a week, as all the arriving dog teams have priority. And I can not spend a week up here waiting, although I would LOVE to, but not this year.

Here a selection of pictures from this morning finishers:4V1A0001

Go pros for the life finishs4V1A0017

Martin Buser arriving4V1A0026

Martin Buser4V1A0033

Kathy sure happy to have Martin back, great couple!4V1A0052

Martin and Kathy4V1A0068

Martin with his leaders4V1A0100

Jessie Royer coming in with Streak and Porsche4V1A0111

Jessie Royer4V1A0115

Jessie happy to finish4V1A0129

Jessie and Streak and Porsche4V1A0149

Jesse and Jim4V1A0156

Jessie and her hosts 4V1A0186

Lance coming in4V1A0201

Lance almost there4V1A0213

happy greeting by his girlfriend who came up to surprise him4V1A0215

Lance is exhausted after being chased by Ramey 4V1A0251

Lance greeting Ramey Smyth4V1A0267

Ramey coming in4V1A0272

Ramey 4V1A0275

Friends at the finish line after a duel, Ramey and Lance4V1A9799

Sunset during last nights ride in4V1A9803

Waiting for the finishers4V1A9806

Finish Line

And here comes Mitch4V1A9862

Mitch had a good work out4V1A9878

Here comes Aliy Zirkle4V1A9884

Aliy finishing second4V1A9941

Cim Smyth4V1A9949

Just outran Paul Gebhard4V1A9959

Here comes Paul4V1A9965

Paul Gebhard finishing4V1A9972

Cim´s and Paul´s team in the finish4V1A9977

Still friends after a tight finish, Paul and Cim4V1A9986


Frosty the dog