Friday Morning update from White Mountain

4 time Quest and Iditarod Champion Lance Mackey and 2018 Iditarod Rookie of the Year Jessie Holmes left the White Mountain checkpoint together last night. They are having a blast. Jessie has basically taken almost another 24 hr layover. He enjoyed a great day of hospitality here in White Mountain. It gives a nice opportunity to locals and fly in Tourists alike to socialize with mushers. Lance of course is always a fan favorite. He was mobbed by the kids here, while trying to eat dinner. They both said they would stop in Safety for a bit…. and that is where they are at right now.  Might as well enjoy the ride. Their goal is to bring happy, harness pounding dogs to the finish line. Both teams looked great leaving here. 

At 1.34 in the morning the next group of 4 mushers started arriving, lead by Ryan Santiago, still grinning from ear to ear. Martin Apayauq has been trying to keep a pretty busted up sled functional and was sure glad to get here. There is a replacement sled waiting for him here, but tough bushman as he is: ” I want to make it with the busted up one”….

Fellow Canadian Jason Campeau made it here too, after taking extra Rest in Elim. His brother and dad are following along by Airplane, and last I saw them was way back down the trail in Mc Grath. Flying weather is ideal for a change.  Bethel’s Jessica Klejka can leave at 10.40 a.m. here this morning.

We got an update on Sarah Stokey from these mushers. Sarah is still resting at the Shelter Cabin, 23 miles from White Mountain. She will try to get her team going this morning and we are keeping an eye on the situation. She has dog food for her team and stays warm in the cabin.  

Here a few shorts:

Wakeup board in White Mountain

Jason Campeau still having fun

Iditarod Musher Ketil Reitan and his son Martin Apayauq Reitan in White Mountain

Jason Campeau massaging his team

Ryan Santiago taking off

Jessica Klejka in the checkpoint