Martin Buser on the Way to Huslia

Martin had rested in Galena and now is resting about halfway to Koyuk at the shelter cabin. The shelter cabin is by no means the Hilton, but it does get a musher out of the elements. It is nicely situated on top of a hill overlooking a small lake. Martin’s team was moving well when we came by him. I have to admit, I am somewhat surprised that he is camping out again. I had guessed he would take his 24 hr layover in Huslia, but maybe that is not his plan after all. The total mileage is 84 miles from Galena to Huslia. Jeff King ran a bit more than that last night, when he ran from his campout to Galena. When we saw Martin, Thomas Waerner and Dallas Seavey were still behind him and have not forged ahead. 

Also along the trail were 2 women with pulks and skis pulled by 2 dogs. They had camped out overnight too and sure were talking about the cold. After Martin had passed them, he stuck a swiss chocolate bar in the snow besides the trail for them! What a nice thing for Martin to do!

This town is sure ready for the dog mushers. Lots of excitement going on in city hall. All kind of good food ( I am in heaven ), there are fur mittens, parka ruffs and all kinds of local things for sale too. VERY nice feel to this remote town.

Here are some pictures of his team on the run to Huslia. 


Catching up to Martin Buser


Team Buser Bullets


What is taking so long dad?


Much better, up and away


Insider trouble


Shelter Cabin


Da Machine