Morning update from Nulato

Hello Race Fans, it was a busy night here in Nulato It has been a little more than 24 hours since the 1st team, Jessie Royer rolled in at 6 a.m. yesterday morning. And now we have teams 29 to 32 currently resting here. Tom Knolmayer being our latest arrival.

The Berington Twins found some floor space while Jessica Kleijka scored the couch.  Most Mushers are having much slower runtimes, than they were anticipating with taking 7.5 to 8 hrs to run over here from Galena. That puts some of them in a not so good headspace. Once they get here and they find a nice cabin, with some home cooked meals, their spirits lift after a few hours of much needed sleep.

Tom Knolmayer coming up the river bank, followed by Dean Painter

Looking at our overall times, the fastest team into here was Thomas Waerner with 6 hrs and 40 minutes. He kept that ” Speed. ” to Kaltag and it is not that surprising to now see him solidly in the lead, closing in on Unalakleet in 1st place. Let’s hope the winds are as calm there, as they are here this morning. The snow has finally stopped too.

Last night we had 3 bikers roll in. They were glad that we had an extra tent with wood stove where they could crash. We pitched up that tent for any return dogs needing extra warmth and care, luckily we so far have not needed that. Currently we are waiting for the next 3 teams to arrive in about 6 hours. Time to rake up some straw and keep the hot dog water cockpit stoked. Here a few morning shots: