Speed Versus Long Runs

It now really begins to show what speed versus long runs do to a dog team. I would have never thought I would write this, as I used to be one of the guys doing very long marches, often 8 plus hours, always at around 7.5 miles an hour. At the time that worked well for my team and also resulted in decent finishes. Times seemed to have changed. Or maybe I just got lucky.


Dallas Seavey left a few minutes before Aliy Zirkle, which basically should put him 1 mile ahead. Now halfway into a short 36 mile run, he is a whopping 11 miles ahead and this is with him coming off a 4 hr rest and Aliy coming of a long 8 hr break. That will be very hard to overcome for Aliy, even if she now does go through here to Tripod Flats cabin, and if Dallas would elect to rest here again.


When closely looking at the stats page, it also reveals that Dallas’s speed actually has been going up since he left Galena. None of the other front runner teams show that trend. My guess is both Aaron and Aliy will be reeled in by Dallas’s team by the time they reach Unalakleet. Jeff might be able to stay ahead to that point. I do not dare to make predictions past Unk, as the weather then could throw some real curve balls. I am reading 25 miles an hour wind and blowing snow in the forecast. 


Good night all, and yes Tim did manage to find some fuel, so we head out after a nap. Happy trails Sebastian