Thomas Waerner Being Passed by Dallas Seavey

Dallas Seavey had camped out 10 miles past Galena. That would make his run to Huslia 74 miles long, instead of 84 miles. When we came past his camping stop, the straw was empty. It did not take long to catch up to him, and within sight, about a half a mile down the trail was Thomas Waerner. Looking at Dallas’s team I was wondering about the dog numbers. He must have seen my puzzled face as he held 3 fingers up in the air, signaling, that he had 3 dogs riding in his trailer. 3 dogs. That is close to 150 lbs. Yet he was making time on Thomas Waerner. We kept close to the 2, and right when Dallas had caught up to Thomas, he stopped to let his dogs out and hook them to the gang line. It is no surprise to now see on the tracker that Dallas is a few miles ahead of Thomas on the trail. Both have passed Martin Buser who is camped out 47 miles before Huslia. One distinct difference between both mushers was that Thomas sat on his seat all bundled up while Dallas was ski poling and peddling like a madman. Time will tell whose strategy works out better. One thing is for sure. I would be worried having either team behind me.

Here are some shots of Dallas and Thomas:


Thomas Waerner


Dallas Seavey


Dallas still a bit behind


Dallas catching up


Dallas letting out his dogs from the trailer

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