Wade Marrs and Ken Anderson Rounding out Top10


Wade Marrs and Ken Anderson have arrived in Galena. Both of them are having a little different dogs than many of the other teams. Their dogs have a shorter coat than seen in most other teams and also seem to have a higher percentage of female dogs in the team. Both teams were screaming and barking to go when they arrived here. Wade is in the long term parking; Ken Anderson is pulled up next to Thomas Waerner in the short term parking. When asking Ken about if his dogs have any issues with the cold he replied: ” What cold, its only 30 below out “. I guess Ken still measure temperatures of how could it could be in the Yukon Quest. 

Notably Ken has dropped his trailer. No more carrying dogs for him. He said that the decision to travel with a trailer was a spur of the moment decision, and he had to reinvent his whole race to adapt to that. That adaptation seems to work well, as during the last years Ken was a little further back in the standings during the middle part of the race. Ken is known for strong finishes. He can push hard at the end, often skipping checkpoints. To sit in the Top 10 here, set him up well.

It is also very nice to see some “young blood ” with Wade Marrs pulling off a solid run. Wade is definitely not what some people call a corporate musher, meaning he does not have sponsor logos all over his parka and money backing him. He is a young guy working his way up into the sport with hard work.

Here are some pictures of both teams.


Wade Marrs arriving in Galena


Ken Anderson in the Galena dog lot


Redpaw dog

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