Two VIP Packages Designed for the Ultimate Race Fan

susan estesFor the Ultimate Experience at the start of the Iditarod or along the Iditarod Trail at Checkpoints and Nome, we have two amazing VIP donation packages.

The Ultimate IditaRider and Rainy Pass Experience

From your position as an IditaRider you will see the start of the race from a seat in the sled of a musher you’ve chosen to ride with at the start of the race.  You’ll already have attended several events prior to the start of the race but your adventure only gets better when you fly out to Rainy Pass for a two night stay.  This allows you and your guest the opportunity to sign in mushers as they arrive and experience the race up close and personal behind the scenes!

The price of the Ultimate Experience is $25,000

Your experience includes….

  • Select the musher you will ride with at the Ceremonial Start of the Iditarod as an IditaRider!
  • On Thursday before the start of the race, be at the Lakefront Millennium Hotel  for the start of the mandatory musher meeting. Hear the opening remarks and see the mushers ready to hear the final updates about the trail along with other details that they need to know before the start of the race. At noon, you’ll enjoy a casual meeting over pizza lunch while the mushers are on break from their Musher Meeting. You will have your picture taken with the current field of mushers after they toast the Iditarod at the conclusion of their mandatory meeting at the  Hotel. You will be right there, hearing the chatter from the mushers as they spend their final moments before the race. What will they be talking about? You will know all about this behind the scenes event that most fans don’t experience. Your guest is invited to attend this event as well as the other events throughout the week.
  • That evening, you and a guest will attend the Musher Drawing Banquet as our honored guests and be seated at one of the head tables.
  • Friday: You will receive complementary tickets for two to the Iditarod Speaker event on Friday at the Lake Front. 
  • Saturday morning, you’ll cut the ribbon at the Race Start Ceremony. You will also have the opportunity to spend time in the secured staging area to take photographs and watch mushers prepare their teams for line up and departure. Before you know it, you’ll hear your name announced with your musher of choice as you pull up to the famous Iditarod Race Start Line!  Then, 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!  You’ll be off and on the trail.  You’ll feel the ‘husky power’ as the team takes off.  You’ll wave to the fans who’ll be cheering the mushers and dogs as they follow the trail for the Ceremonial Start of the race!  Bring your camera!  It’s going to be an awesome ride!
  • Sunday you and your guest will be flown by small plane to the highest checkpoint on the Iditarod Trail for a two night stay in Rainy Pass Lodge. While there, you will be the “Official Checker” to sign in the first 5 mushers who come into the checkpoint. Who will those 5 mushers be? YOU will see for yourself and not have to rely on the Insider or GPS Tracker for that information like the rest of the world. You will be in the middle of the race excitement, the dogs howling, the volunteers working, the vets examining the dogs, and the photographs snapping! You will have the opportunity to see, hear, and feel the excitement of every moment during your stay!  During your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to not just see mushers who arrive and leave the checkpoint, but you’ll catch all the behind the scenes action and meet race volunteers, veterinarians, and even some dogs!
  • On Tuesday, you will be flown back to Anchorage to start sharing your memories of this great event and the Ultimate opportunity that you and your guest experienced.
  • ONLY 1 winning bidder and that bidder’s guest will have this unique experience. The price of this grand and ultimate experience is $25,000.  This is an incredible package that you can purchase direct from Iditarod by simply calling 605.290.3423 to claim your experience.  (IF you have already purchased an IditaRider experience, the price of that experience would be deducted from the $25,000.)
  • Questions? Contact or call 605.290.3423.

Don’t take just our word on this unique experience!  Hear more from a past Ultimate Experience VIP!

For the time of your life and the opportunity to be our special VIP guests at the start of the Iditarod, purchase the Ultimate Experience for $25,000. The ability to purchase this package will expire on January 18, 11:45 PM, (AK time)

*This purchase can be used as a tax deduction.

The Burled Arch Extravaganza Nome VIP Package for Two Race Fans

You’ve always wanted to go to Nome!  Now is your chance to do it in style as our VIP Guests!

Join us in Nome for this opportunity of a lifetime to witness in person the Champion’s finish of the Iditarod!   Stand in the VIP gate with Iditarod’s Principal Sponsors and dignitaries as the winner of the Iditarod crosses under the burled arch in Nome.  You will be closer to the finish than any race fan at the finish line and have your picture taken with the champion shortly after the finish of the race! 

We’ve got a special adventure for two people…. A unique adventure with opportunities THAT NO OTHER RACE FAN IN NOME WILL BE OFFERED!  This package is exclusively offered to ONLY one race fan and guest!   Our Nome Burled Arch Extravaganza can be yours for $35,000.  This item can be purchased now by calling 1.605.290.3423.


The Extravaganza includes the following plus a few surprises we’ll build in as we design your unique experience!  Your experience will include opportunities that the ordinary tourist in Nome won’t be offered because we’ve pulled together an extravaganza that is unique and designed specifically for you!

* 6 Nights lodging for 2 people, dates to be arranged  (dates to be finalized upon purchase of this donation package.)

  • ·          2 nights in Anchorage prior to departure to Nome.
  • ·         3 nights in Nome.
  • ·         1 night in Anchorage upon return from Nome

* 2 Breakfasts and evening meal  prior to departure for Nome.  3 Evening Meals in Nome plus invitations to any special events held during your stay!  We’ll have a few exclusive moments built into the package, designed just for you, our VIP.

* Round trip Alaska Airlines airfare Anchorage to Nome for you and a guest!  We’ll meet you at the airport and get you to your hotel!

* When in Nome, you’ll be our Exclusive VIP guests and you will have your own personal tour guide – assistant.

No other tourist in Nome will experience the Nome finish quite like you will!  We’ll provide you with a behind the scenes look at Iditarod operations preparing for the champion’s arrival.  We’ll introduce you to the ‘folks behind the scenes’ including race staff and volunteers plus you will get a special behind the sceens at race communications.  We’ll bring you into the dog yard in Nome for a private tour so you can see exactly what goes on in the dog lot as our team of vets and volunteers care for the amazing athletes who’ve finished this race. You’ll meet musher families, dog handlers, and even  dogs!  We’ll take you on a tour of our official media center where the Insider team sets up their technology to film the race finish.  We’ll introduce you to Nome’s Mayor and other dignitaries and make sure you not only see behind the scenes of Iditarod, but have a personal tour of Nome, too! 

* We’ll provide you with the use of a private vehicle while in Nome and/or a host to drive you where you need to be as necessary.

* Your personal assistant will make sure you have the top level VIP clearance leading you on the adventure that’s like none other!

*You’ll be right there next to the finish line in our best and most exclusive VIP area – as close as possible for a best view as the Iditarod Champion enters Nome and arrives at the famous burled arch.  AND before the musher leaves the chute, you’ll have your photo taken with the champion and the amazing dogs – right there in the finisher’s chute.  NO OTHER TOURIST gets that opportunity to be in the chute with the champion!  We’ll make sure you have a special introduction to our champion and be the first fans to get the champion’s autograph!  There’s no place like Nome!  AND there’s no place like standing with the champion!

*We’ll provide you with a personal wake up call throughout the night and through out the day should you wish to head to the finish line to see other mushers arrive.  You won’t need to worry about hearing the Nome siren —  We’ll be your siren! We’ll make sure you don’t miss a moment of the action!

* AND we’ve even got a special gift basket of Iditarod apparel and gifts including 2 personalized Iditarod jackets designed with embroidered burled arch logo and names of winning bidders plus an * Ultimate Insider Subscription! 

Weather Dependent Extra: * Bering Air flight (round trip) Nome to White Mountain to see the race action at this checkpoint and other adventures as time, weather, and your energy permits!

THIS adventure is designed to provide you and your guest with a unique and amazing adventure in Nome as you witness the historic finish of this year’s Iditarod.  There is NOTHING like this exact adventure offered to anyone else! 

The Burled Arch Extravaganza package for two people can be yours for $35,000!  Call Diane Johnson, 605.290.3423 if you have questions or wish to purchase this package.

See you at the finish line of the Last Great Race on Earth®!

*This purchase can be used as a tax deduction.