2025 Information for Mushers

The Iditarod Trail International Sled Dog Race shall be a race for dog mushers meeting the entry qualifications as set forth by the Board of Directors of the Iditarod Trail Committee.

Recognizing the aptitude and experience necessary and the varying degrees of monetary support and residence locations of mushers, with due regard to the safety of mushers, the humane care and treatment of dogs and the orderly conduct of the race, the Iditarod Trail Committee shall encourage and maintain the philosophy that the race be constructed to permit as many qualified mushers as possible who wish to enter and contest the race to do so.

The object of the race is to determine which musher and dogs can cover the race in the shortest time under their own power and without the aid of others. That is determined by the nose of the first dog to cross the finish line. To that end, the Iditarod Trail Committee has established these rules and policies to govern the race.

ROOKIES: All qualification forms (Report Card/Assessment forms and Rookie Reference) must be included when submitting an entry.

Enter the 2025 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Entries for 2025 will be officially accepted starting on Saturday, June 29, 2024

Registration Process

  1. Download and Submit or Register Online the required Entrant forms
  2. Pay Registration Fee
  3. Submit additional forms when required

To be considered an official entrant, the required entrant forms listed below and payment must be completed. Be sure to get your paperwork into the office well ahead of deadlines. Forms are reviewed and updated, as necessary, on an annual basis.

Forms may be downloaded from the links below and submitted via mail, fax, or email or submitted online.

1. Required Entrant Forms

Submit Online

Download and Submit

Fax, email or mail your forms:

Fax: (907) 373-6998

Email: sszelag@iditarod.com

Iditarod Trail Committee
2100 S. Knik-Goose Bay Rd.
Wasilla, AK, 99654

2. Pay Registration Fee

Fees are as follows, based on dates:

  • $4k from opening day through December 2, 2024, 11:59pm AKDT. Past champions pay $3950
  • $8k after December 2, 2024

Pay via phone please call 907-376-5155.

Check payment status on your My Account page here.

Additional Required Forms

Sponsors and Membership Forms

These forms are not required to be considered an official entrant. For inclusion in the Race Guide, we must have your sponsors turned in by December 13, 2024. The Iditarod Membership should be turned in as soon as possible to be sure your membership is updated.

Veterinary Forms 

All paperwork regarding dog care and returned dogs listed below is required. Please review submission due dates.

    Must be signed by a veterinarian from either Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer or Big Lake. Due prior to food drop.
    Both must be filled out by two different contacts. And must be signed by the local contact and the musher. Due prior to food drop.
  • LETTER TO VETERINARIANS FROM DR. NELSON (signature letter) (Updated version coming soon)
    This needs to be signed by the veterinarian that does the pre-race veterinary checkup. Due by date of Official Pre-Race Veterinary Check.
  • PRE-RACE EXAM FORM (Updated version coming soon)
    Due by date of Official Pre-Race Veterinary Check. There are 20 copies needed.
  • MICROCHIP IDENTIFICATION SHEET (Updated version coming soon)




For Rookies

If you are a rookie musher planning on entering any future Iditarod, you must have a report card from your qualifying races completed by race officials and returned to the Iditarod office within 10 days of the end of the qualifying race. It is YOUR responsibility to advise officials prior to the start of the race that you are using it for a qualifier and will need the report card completed. Provide officials with the correct form provided below labeled Report Card PDF. It is best for officials to know ahead of time to watch you so they can complete the report card.

You are required to run two (2) approved 300 mile or more qualifying races and one (1) 150 mile or more approved qualifying race, total of 3 races. If you run the Yukon Quest, you don’t need any other qualifiers. You also need a rookie reference from a musher who has completed the Iditarod and is familiar with your mushing capabilities. That form is provided below labeled Rookie Reference PDF.

Contact the Iditarod office within a month of completing your qualifiers and check to see if your required paperwork is in. If it hasn’t come in yet, then it is your responsibility to contact the race organizations and ask them about it. You should make sure that ALL report cards from qualifiers and your rookie reference are in prior sign up to run the Iditarod.

Required paperwork for rookies: (to be turned in prior filling out Iditarod entry forms)