Eye on the Jr: Awards and More

Photos and Collage by Whitney McLaren

Recognition, stories, prizes and honors are all a part of the Sunday evening Jr. Iditarod Awards Banquet. Family, friends, fans and supporters of the Jr Iditarod gathered at Redington High School to enjoy camaraderie and a meal catered by Fish On Camp Grill.  Salmon was on the menu.

Each year the prize committee gathers amazing prizes, donations and auction items for the Jr. Iditarod and the mushers go home with a plethora of prizes.  Many, many businesses and individuals support the Jr. Iditarod and the young mushers.

Scholarships are awarded to each musher thanks to the Iditarod Trail Funding Committee and Janssen’s Funeral Home.  Scholarships can be applied to higher education or special training.


1st Place – $6,000

2nd Place – $4,000

3rd Place – $2,500

4th Place – $2,000

5th Place – $1,500

All other finishers – $500

Sportsmanship Award – $2,000

Humanitarian Award – $2,000

Ryan Redington, reigning Iditarod champion and two-time Jr. Iditarod champion was the guest speaker at the banquet.  He told stories about his own race experiences and how he learned lessons especially when things didn’t go right.  Over the years, Ryan has received help from others and now wants to return those favors whenever possible.

The Sportsmanship Award, which is voted upon by all the mushers, went to senior musher James Shawcroft. James also received the Sportsmanship Award as a rookie in 2021.  James shows an abundance of concern and care for everyone on the trail.  He doesn’t want to leave anyone behind who might be in need.  When he passes a team, he always asks – Are you okay, Do you need anything?  James is also a great story teller and keeps everyone’s spirits up during the race.  Shawcroft also received the first grant of $500 from Ryan Redington’s essay contest with the topic of “Life Lessons Learned from Training and Racing Sled Dogs.”

The Humanitarian Award went to Addy Peterson, a 14 year old rookie from Homer, Alaska.  Veterinarians choose the recipient of this award.  Like all mushers she knows her dogs well but when she decided to return a dog, she shared all the athlete’s characteristics with the vets.  The vets really noticed Addy’s understanding of her dogs and felt they knew the dog because of Addy’s information.  The Humanitarian trophy was sponsored by Dr. Phil Meyer – Northern Veterinarian.

Emily Robinson, 2024 Jr. Iditarod Champion with Sled Dog System’s Sled and Blue Harness (Photo by Kate Newmyer)

The Blue Harness Award went to Emily Robinson’s Urchin.  Urchin is a trusted, tried and true leader for Robinson and has been a key to her racing success.  As champion, Emily also received a Sled Dog Systems sled and bag combination sponsored jointly by the Schlossers of Sled Dog Systems and Northrim Bank.  Emily will participate in the Ceremonial start of Iditarod, carrying Iditarod’s Honorary Musher or designee for the 11 mile run. Additionally, she will receive two round trip tickets to Nome for the crowning of the 2024 champion.  The trip is sponsored by the 1993 Members of Joe Redington Sr.’s Iditarod Challenge Knik to Nome Expedition.

Rookie of the Year honors went to AddieAnn Randall, age 14 from Willow, Alaska.  AddieAnn finished in 6th place.  Her average moving speed for the out and back Yentna run was 9.2 mph.

Marais Anderson 2024 Jr. Iditarod Red Lantern (Photo by Julia Redington)

Marais Anderson, 15 years old out of Fairbanks is the Red Lantern recipient.  Being in tune with her dogs, she rested them in the heat of the day and when they were ready to go she persevered and brought her team to the finish line at about 22:30.  From a story shared by trail-sweep Mike Adams we learn that when her headlight appeared at the far end of the lake, vehicle lights illuminated the finish line where family, banquet goers and fellow mushers welcomed her and her dog team.  Great job Marais!

As honorary musher, Jeff Schultz wore bib #1 at the banquet.  The bib was signed by the 2024 contestants.  Barb Redington was the MC for the banquet.  All participants received a signed Jon VanZyle Iditarod poster.  Jr. Iditarod gave special recognition to George Murphy and Bob Morgan, two faithful Iditarod volunteers and board members who passed away since the 2023 Jr. Iditarod.  The Jr. Iditarod Board of Directors congratulates each musher and extends sincere gratitude to volunteers, sponsors of the race and the Iditarod for its unwaivering support.

2024 Mushers in Order of Finish

1st Emily Robinson – 16, Nenana AK, Three time race Champion

2nd Morgan Martens – 17, Brule WI, 4 year race veteran, 2021 race Champion

3rd Isaac Redington – 15, Wasilla AK, 2 year race veteran, 2023 ROY

4th Hannah Wappett – 17, Fairbanks AK, 3 year race veteran

5th Ellen Redington – 17, Wasilla AK, 4 year race veteran

6th AddieAnn Randall – 14, Willow AK, Rookie, Rookie of the Year 2024

7th Tori Boulding – 16, Manley AK, 2 year veteran, 2022 Humanitarian Award

8th Keira Irish – 15, Fairbanks AK, 2 year race veteran

9th Teitje Paveglio – 16, Eagle River AK, 3 year race veteran

10th Arien Sanderson – 14, Palmer AK, Rookie

11th McKena Hanson – 14, Anchorage AK, Rookie

12th Madeline Knolmayer – 17, Wasilla AK, Rookie

13th Addy Pederson – 14, Homer AK, Rookie, Humanitarian Award 2024

14th Makenna Vanderhoof – 16, Shell Lake WI and Willow AK, 3 year race veteran

15th James Shawcroft – 17, Fairbanks AK, 4 year race veteran, Sportsmanship 2024 & 2021

16th Ylva-li Næss – 16, Meraaker Norway, Rookie

17th Bristol Huffman – 16, Kotzebue AK, 3 year race veteran

18th Torleif Bentzen – 15, Fairbanks AK, Rookie

19th Eva Robinson – 17, Cavalier ND, 2 year race veteran

20th Jack Dixon – 17, Fairbanks AK, Rookie

21st Marais Anderson – 15, Fairbanks AK, Rookie, 2024 Red Lantern

Wishing Morgan Martens, Hannah Wappett, Ellen Redington, Madeline Knolmayer, James Shawcroft, Eva Robinson and Jack Dixon happy trails as they graduate from Jr. Iditarod and mush into the future!