Eye on the Trail: 21st Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™

Brian Hickox from Massachusetts has begun his duties as the 21stIditarod Teacher on the Trail™. Brian has been at summer teachers camp and has been a key presenter, sharing lessons and activities he uses with students in his classroom.  Brian is an 8th grade English Language Arts teacher.  Brian is an energetic, compassionate, humorous, passionate and engaging teacher and also a Lacrosse coach.  Brian says about himself, “I’ve always been an active thrill-seeker and nature-lover.”  Sounds like Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ is a great match for Brian!

During the coming year, Brian will take on many responsibilities for the Iditarod Education Department including being a direct liaison between the Iditarod trail and classrooms around the world.  During the entire school year, Brian will maintain an active blog found under the Iditarod Education pull down menu.  Hickox plans to post articles, lesson plans and lesson ideas weekly from before the time school starts in August to school ending in June.

Brian’s goals for the upcoming year –

  • Design engaging and unique lessons
  • Appeal to students and teachers at all levels
  • Be a resource for teachers and students around the world
  • Design units and lessons which are cross-curricular
  • Integrate Technology – especially video clips from the trail
  • Collaborate with others and grow as an educator
  • Continue the unbelievable work of Heidi Sloan and the previous teachers on the trail

Check the EDU website now for Brian’s articles from Summer Camp.  Come back often as school starts and during the school year to hear from Brian and see what he’s posted for lessons.