Eye on the Trail: More Siri Pics of Finishers


Enjoy these Siri Pics of the 11th – 15th Place Finishers at the Burled Arch on Front Street in Nome.

What do you notice in each of the photos?

Wally Robinson Improves From 40th in 2001 to 11th Place in 2024 (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Nicolas Petit’s Sled Anchored by Snow Hook in Nome (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Nicolas Petit 12th place in Nome (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Matthew Failor 13th Place in Nome (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Ryan Redington Takes 14th Place in Nome

Ryan Redington’s Leaders at the Burled Arch (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Josi Thyr, Rookie of the Year in 15th Place (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Josi Thyr with Mentor Jessie Royer at the Finish Line in Nome (Photo: Siri Raitto)