Eye on the Trail: Sharing Photos – Front of the Pack

As the saying goes, you can’t be in two places at once.  Just after Joar, Nic and Mitch arrived in Nome, I was able to share photos from either Jeff Schultz or Julian Schroder.  More of the top ten finished during the time I was in transit from Unalakleet to Nome.  I’d like to pick up with the fourth place finisher and share more Julian Schroder shots up to when I landed in Nome and could report from the finish line.  Enjoy!

In 4th Ray Redington, JR – Best Career Finish

In 5th Peter Kaiser – Third 5th Place Finish

6th Richie Diehl – First Top Ten Finish

In 7th Jessie Holmes – Rookie of the Year Honors

In 8th Ramey Smyth – Fifth Top 10 Finish

In 9th Travis Beals – First top 10 Finish

In 10th Linwood Fiedler – Fifth Top 10 Finish

In 11th Rookie Matt Hall

In 12th Aaron Burmeister – 3rd Highest Finish

In 13th Matthew Failor – Career Best Finish

In 14th Ketil Reitan – 2nd Best Career Finish