Eye on the Trail: Siri Pics of Some Top Ten Finishers

Leaders Bring Travis Beals to Finish (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Mille Porsild with Single Leader in Nome (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Rookie Amanda Otto with Leaders in Nome (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Peter Kaiser of Bethel in Nome (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Jessie Royer In Nome Finishing Her 21st Race (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Jessie Royer Interviewed at the Burled Arch (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Apologies for listing Travis Beals in fourth place yesterday in a Siri Pics post.  Jeff Deeter was fourth to the burled arch. Paige Drobny earned fifth place.  Travis Beals claimed sixth place.  Should pictures of Jeff and Paige at the finish line become available, I will share them.