Eye on the Trail: Thursday – Page 2

Kristy and Anna Berington Finish 16 Seconds Apart (Photo: Insider Video)

Kristy and Anna Berington finished Iditarod 2023 sixteen seconds apart.  Nothing new there.  The twins have run Iditarod together ever since the Northern route of 2012.  They’ve stood under the burled arch together in all but one of the races they’ve run since then.  In 2018, newly married Kristy, her husband Andy Pohl and Anna all participated.  Anna finished in 22nd place with Kristy and Andy coming at 36th and 37th.

Kristy’s 2023 finish was in 10 days, 23 hours and 50 minutes for 21st place.  Anna’s finish was in 10 days, 23 hours and 51 minutes for 22ne place.  At the arch they were asked who was the oldest.  It’s Kristy by five minutes.  Wearing bibs 6 and 8, they said their bibs were closer than their birth time.  They were also asked how they decide, or if they do decide, who will finish first.  Their reply was, “In each race, it just pans out.  We don’t even talk about it. “ They really enjoy competition and they really enjoy competing together.  Kristy says, “I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend the journey with.”

When asked how the race was, they both chimed in saying the Gorge was beautiful and the Burn had enough snow for a decent trail.  About their dogs, Kristy said it would be hard to pick but she was really proud of Rampage, an older dog she got from Ray Redington.  Anna praised many of her  dogs for their ability to lead. 

The Beringtons really like living in Knik and being a part of that mushing community.  They all help each other out, share information and groom trails.  Plus, it’s not as cold there so the heat of this race didn’t bother them or their dogs.  They were greeted at the finish line by Champion Ryan Redington, another Knik musher.

Kristy has finished as high as 16th place in 2019 and yes, you guessed it, Anna was 17th.  Their personal best time was recorded in 2017 at 10 days, 2 hours and 29/30 minutes.       

Mike Williams, Jr. 23rd Place with Champion Ryan Redington (Photo: Insider Video)

Akiak musher Mike Williams, Jr. finished with a time of 11 days, four hours and 57 minutes. For 23rd place.  Mike Jr. is a second generation musher from Akiak, Alaska.  Now he is an eight year Iditarod veteran with one top ten finish, 8th place 2012.  He praised his young talented group of dogs and said this Iditarod is a training run for his team as he looks forward to the 2024 Kusko 300.  Mike says, “Dogs that make Iditarod, no matter how long it takes, go home with a new toughness and a certain pride in their eyes, they know they’ve accomplished a tough race.”   In 2013 father and son  both completed the race with Mike Jr. finishing in 23rd place and Mike Sr. in 45th place.  Even though they didn’t run together, father and son agreed it was an event they enjoyed doing together.  Mike Sr. has finished Iditarod 15 times. 

Mike Williams, Jr. On Front Street (Photo: Insider Video)