How To Watch The Live Finish


What an exciting finish! Congratulations to the winner Dallas Seavey and a close second to Aliy Zirkle.

So how do I watch it the live cam from the finish line? Let’s cut to the chase…

If you’re an Ultimate Insider: You’re all covered. Simply go to around mindinght tonight (AKST). You’ll be able to watch the replay when its posted, so check back to the home page for information on that.

If you’re a Video Insider: You are also covered. Simply go to around mindinght tonight (AKST). You’ll also get to see the replay.

If You’re a GPS Insider: You won’t be able to see the Live Finish or the replay. You’ll need to add video to your package by upgrading to the Ultimate Insider. Click Here To Upgrade.

If you purchased a 48 Hour Pass: You’ll be able to watch the Live Finish. Simply go to around midinght tonight (AKST). However, the subscription expires tomorrow and you will not be able to watch the replay.


Click to see live stream


Replay of the leaders finishing will be available once the video team has had time to re-format that video for playback online.  This is not an immediate process.