Iditarod Board of Directors passes resolution requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for all participants in the 2022 race.


The Iditarod has had to make several tough decisions in order to be extremely diligent navigating COVID-19 for both the 2020 and 2021 races. Now, more than ever,  we are hyper focused to ensure zero community transmission as we prepare to return to the traditional Northern Route and Nome finish in March of 2022.

Accordingly, The Iditarod Board of Directors has passed a resolution requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for all participants in the 2022 race. This applies to the entire Iditarod community, mushers, staff, contractors, volunteers, pilots, veterinarians, etc.  This decision was made in concert with feedback from rural Alaska and is reflective of the Iditarod’s broad community health consciousness.

With regard to a comprehensive COVID-19 plan for our 50th Anniversary event we are developing plans corresponding to COVID-19’s current and anticipated trajectory and will provide updates as the pandemic evolves.  In the meantime, if you have any question on the vaccination policy, please contact