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In your next life wouldn’t it be great to come back as an Iditarod dog. You get extraordinary preventative and thought leading health care. Your life expectancy is very high and you will have much lower incidences of cancer, orthopedic, and metabolic diseases compared to the general dog population. Not only will you be living in a “blue zone,” but you will also get to do so with a bunch of your canine buddies.

Oh and the adventures!   The Alaskan beauty: the Northern lights, the expansive wilderness the excitement of the trail!  Not to mention the food, like salmon and steak!

Check out what is it like to be an Iditarod canine athlete on our page Leaders in Dog Care dedicated to canine health education. Plus, read our articles from genuine Iditarod Trail Veterinarians, answering questions from our fans about sled dogs and general dog care.


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