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Iditarod Insider 2.0 offers a glimpse into the lives of Iditarod sled dogs and the people who engage with them every day of their lives.


They are lives full of energy, activity, and wellness. We visit with those that spend their summers on the glaciers, to others that spend their days near their wilds of Denali, and all stops in between. Insider 2.0 sets out to take you inside their lives, far from the trail and a look at a life of joy, camaraderie, and a level commitment that has few rivals.


A candid conversation with 4-time Champion Jeff King.

August 20, 2020 10:03 am

Riley Dyche will never forget his first Iditarod.  As a member of the infamous Elim 11 he will never forget his interactions with 4-time Champion Martin Buser.

August 20, 2020 10:02 am

Matt Hall is a rising star on the Iditarod Trail.  He’s got a young team but he’s working hard at his off the grid home outside of Fairbanks.

August 20, 2020 10:02 am

A must watch video – it’s all that needs to be said.

August 20, 2020 10:01 am

With a baby on the way and construction of a new house underway Wade Marrs takes some time for a visit before he heads to Bristol Bay for his job as a commercial fishermen!

August 20, 2020 10:00 am