Aaron Burmeister 2nd into Shaktoolik at 3.21 a.m.

Aaron Burmeister has also made it to Shaktoolik at 3.21 am.. The wind has picked up a bit again. Dallas is sleeping inside.


While Dallas is resting Aaron is only staying long enough to pick up some food and get some water for the dogs. He is currently inside here in the building.


This run to Koyuk can be a taxing one. At night the lights of Koyuk are visible for a long time. It eludes a musher to think, that the checkpoint is near. Aaron is lucky, it has started to snow, big fat flakes, so he will not see that much on this run.


It took Aaron 1 hr 25 minutes longer to run here from Unk than Dallas. That is a big difference. Aaron commented on how this was a slow run for him. Usually this next run is anywhere from 6.5 to 7.5 hrs in length, could be longer in this weather. Took me almost 9 hrs in 2009 in big winds, when I skipped Shaktoolik also. 


  On the trail behind us: Mitch Seavey and Aliy ZIrkle are neck and neck, then followed by Jessie Royer who is moving pretty quick. Behind her are Joar Leifseth Ulsom and Jeff King. We are going to get busy here. 






Happy trails again, Sebastian