Back of the packers in Nulato

Being around the back of the packers is sure fun too. The pace is quite a bit more relaxed and they are less walking Zombies like some of the front runners. When Karin Hendrikson left the checkpoint I could not resist yelling over:” How about giving these dogs some commands about where to go”, as a ball of dogs meandered thought the dog lot. Fabio Berlusconi standing next to his team chiming in: ” Her dogs will find it, not sure if she would… ” I think Karen was glad to get out of here and away from us giving her a hard time. She was very worried before the race about her team not having the miles on, she would have hoped. Her team came together nicely and is now en route to Kaltag.

Gabe Dunham is ready to hit the trail with her young team, in good spirits. Damon Ramaker’s team looks solid and he was counting down the runs to Nome. Hopefully only 8 more times to put booties on. 

Meredith Mapes arrived with her team of 7 in a very good mood. Dennis Kananowitz made it here, so now there are just 2 more teams on the trail from Galena, Quince Mountain and Kaci Murringer.

We are getting the checkpoint slowly wrapped up and cleaned up. All the straw is being hauled out on the river to make a big fire. Return bags are sorted and ready to be send out and a few trips to the dump later, the garbage is gone. I throughly enjoy staying in Nulato and getting to know people here better. Just got a call, that a plane is coming to pick up a vet and trail person, so gotta go!

Here a few more pictures: