Good morning from Takotna

The checkpoint it emptying out fast. It has been a busy night here and the dog lot has a whole different feel to it, than a mere 10 hours ago at midnight. The latest team to leave was Tom Frode Johansen with 14 very motivated dogs. Tom rode is brake hard, upon leaving the checkpoint to give his team time to warm up. 

Shortly after Lev Shvarts, coming fresh off his 24 hr layover in Mc Grath loped into the checkpoint. Lev is always in a good mood. He will grab a ” to go snack bag ” and head on down the trail towards Ophir.

Looking at the front pack which left here overnight, most of them sit at the Carlson Creek Cabin, which sits pretty much in the middle between Takotna and Cripple. It is right next to the trail with usually a good in and out trail. They have 50 more miles to go from there to Cripple. Aaron Burmeister went 12 miles past that to camp out on his own. The advantage is to not be distracted or influenced by your competition. The disadvantage is cold camping. Rob from Cripple send me a note that it is 22 below there right now, so likely not much warmer along the trail.

Enjoy the morning shots: