Monday update from Nulato

Hello Race Fans,

Yesterday evening we had a fun group of veteran mushers pull into the checkpoint. When Martin Buser pulled in he said: ” Sebastian say hi to Kathy, I have her in my head “. It took me a while to clue in, that Martin had her on speakerphone while checking into the checkpoint. That was pretty cool. Martin never came up to the cabin he is sleeping in a small tent he is carrying along

The other veteran who had just checked in was John Schandelmeier, who is in the opposite spectrum of modern technology. Driving a home made sled he asked: ” Am I the only one actually standing on the sled in this thing?”. Yup, as far as I can tell he is the only one who has no seat at all on his sled, not even a fold down one. And he seems to be doing well with that: ” My leg is actually getting better than it has been. Running Iditarod seems to be good therapy for it. Yesterday I was able to run on it again “. John seems to thoroughly enjoy his unexpected journey to Nome. Robert Buntzen was a bit more quiet when he pulled in, his spirts perked up later on in the warm and nice cabin.

All night saw a steady stream of teams come and go, sorry did not get much for pictures of those. Here what I got from yesterday afternoon: