Monica Zappa and Magnus Kaltenborn in Unk

Two more teams made it into the Unalakleet Checkpoint. So much for fast trails. It is back to blowing and snowing, actually border line raining. Robert Buntzen was sitting on his sled and debating when to hit the trail. It is a little more enticing, when the sun is shining. Friends delivered a fresh Peace on Earth Pizza for Robert to the checkpoint. He is sharing that with Linwood Fiedler and Laura Neese. The trail can wait a little longer.

Anna and Kristi Berington just made the difficult decision to end their 2020 Iditarod here hin Unk. Although painful today, in the long run no harm done and they can feel good about themselves to not have put their ego, over the well being of their dogs. It takes courage to know when to say no.

Monica Zappa in her flashy outfit pulled into the checkpoint lead by her famous leader Blue Steel. She was followed by Magnus Kaltenborn about a minute later. Magnus said he had a great rest at old woman cabin. Old woman cabin is situated a bit off the trail, very sheltered in a nice stand of trees. From there on out, teams run much more in the wide open.

Mitch Seavey made it to White Mountain. His runtime was 21 minutes slower than Thomas Waerner. Thomas is 5hrs and 14 minutes ahead. That is a pretty solid lead. Looking at the weather, the worst is about to pass throughout the daytime. It is a dog race and anything can happen. We saw that in 2014, when Jeff King left with a solid lead from White Mountain, just  to get blown off the trail en route to Safety. But disaster barring it looks like we might get a new ( I think the 23rd ) Champion for Iditarod.