More Teams coming in, and back over the trail in 1 hr 45 minutes

Here a few more shots of yesterday afternoons finishes. More tight races with Travis Beals edging out Justin Savidis. Matt Giblin brought a nice puppy team to the finish line for the Kennel of Mitch Seavey. 

Today I flew back to Anchorage, nice weather almost all along. Not much sea ice between NOme and Shak. Than clear skies over the interior, Yukon River, Alaska Range and back to the big city




Another foot race to the finish line4V1A0394

Justin Savidis letting one of his dogs tough the arch4V1A0398

Justin Savidis and Travis Beals4V1A0399


4V1A0407 4V1A0419

Travis Beals4V1A0422

Nick Petit congratulation Travis Beals4V1A0432

Matt Giblin coming in4V1A0439

Matt Giblin4V1A0442


Matt getting a congratulation from Jason Mackey


Matt with 2 of his dogs from Mitch Seavey4V1A0482

Matt getting a welcome by race Marshal Mark Nordman4V1A0487


Karin Hendrikson4V1A0497

Karin finishing


Aaron Peck coming into the chute4V1A0519

Aaron Peck4V1A0530

Aaron almost there4V1A0531

Aaron all smiles4V1A0533

Aaron greeted by Mark Nordman4V1A0538

And a happy hug4V1A0545

Made it!4V1A0550

Posing with leaders4V1A0560

And answering  interview questions4V1A0566

more questions

4V1A0576 4V1A0584 4V1A0586 4V1A0589 4V1A0600 4V1A0603 4V1A0604 4V1A0606 4V1A0609