December 11, 2017

Nome—March 10—10 45 pm—Turmoil on the Trail-Aliy Passes King

Nome— March 10— 10:45pm—Turmoil on the Trail—Aliy passes King before Safety

In a development that’s pure sports, we are receiving word from the trail  that Aliy Zirkle has passed Jeff King.  A call to our live broadcast center at City Hall, Nome, gave a brief description of howling winds that have stopped Jeff King a little short of Safety checkpoint, about 22 miles, more or less, from Nome.

Of course, it’s never over till it’s over in sports, but  we got lulled into thinking King had it in the bag, that he commanded a significant lead, and probably had a win.  Instead,  this could be one of the most unexpected developments in any Iditarod finish I can remember.

The only thing the true fan can do is use the great tools at the Insider to monitor progress.  I can tell you  for a fact that the wind is howling, maybe blowing 45 mph.   I just talked to a pilot who reported blowing 45 at White Mountain, a checkpoint 77 miles from Nome.

Keep checking, we’re looking for more info.

Here is the video we just shot of this news…