Pictures of Aaron Burmeister on the Trail to Huslia

This run to Huslia is one of the most scenic of the whole race. It does not hurt that the weather is exceptionally nice also. No wind to speak of, sunny and bright. The closer the mushers get to Huslia, the more the Brooks Range comes into view. We passed Aaron Burmeisters’s camping spot about 21 miles past Nulato. He had picked a nice and sheltered spot with plenty of firewood. He and his dogs must have gotten a good rest there. About halfway to Huslia is a shelter cabin and we still had not caught up to him. We finally caught up to him 54 miles into the run, 30 miles before Huslia. Little Moss was leading the team. I had the pleasure to run her back in 2011. His team was setting a very nice pace traveling on and off the sloughs of the Koyukuk River. We passed him at 5 p.m. If he averages 8 miles per hour, he should be here about 8.30 p.m. at the latest. That would be right before dark.

Here are some shots of Aaron, enjoy


Aaron Burmeister on the Koyukuk River on the way to Huslia


Aaron Burmeister going strong, leading the race