Sunday afternoon Update from Nulato

Hello Race Fans greeting from Nulato on Sunday afternoon. Teams keep on filing in. The latest arrival was Laura Neese from Michigan. When she checked in Dean asked her, are you going through? Big laughter.” Heck no…. I am staying”. It has been slow going in these warm temperatures for the teams coming from Galena.

Riley Dyche and Larry Dauherty both took 7hrs and 44 minutes. Quite a bit quicker was Deeke Naaktgeboren. Matter of fact he arrived so quick, that he had already parked his team, when we got back from delivering the return dogs to a flight to Unalakleet. Getting the return dogs out is always a very nice thing. These dogs have been trained for long 1000 Mile races and rest in not really part of their vocabulary. The longer they stay here, the more ready they are to head back down the trail. So it is nice to get them back home as quickly as possible. In the meantime Tom Knolmayer has hit the trail and is making good time to Kaltag


Shirly, Rick and Dean are still tirelessly helping us in every way possible. The baked salmon for dinner was killer good. The mushers are definitely pleasantly surprised by the accommodations they find here in Nulato. The weather continues to be mellow, hardly any wind. 


The next 3 mushers to arrive here are all 3 extremely experienced. 4 Time Iditarod Champion Martin Buser, 2 time Yukon Quest Champion John Schandelmeier and Robert Buntzen who has been running Iditarod for decades. Kelly Sommer who has been part of Iditarod in Nulato for as long as I have been involved has come down to the river to see Martin come in. I am sure we will get some more yummy food here delivered soon.